Madden NFL 18 ‘Arcade’ Game Style Detailed

New to this year’s Madden NFL 18 is an “Arcade” style game play mode — one of three different game styles to choose from.

Arcade game style is described as an “high-octane version of Madden.” This style delivers a “fast-paced, exciting style of play” where high scores and spectacular catches are the norm, and penalties are very limited. Think NFL Blitz style, minus the ridiculous monster hits.

This mode is perfect for the gamer trying to get in a quick, casual, and action-filled game, whereas Simulation is more of the “authentic NFL experience” with true player and team ratings and NFL rules.

What’s it like to play with Madden NFL 18’s Arcade game style?

  • User-controlled pass rushers frequently beat their blocks
  • User Hit Sticks and Strip-ball attempts will be highly successful
  • Spectacular catches occur frequently, especially by elite players
  • Broken tackles and ball carrier fake-outs are commonplace
  • Chance of throwing interceptions as a user is lower
  • Can kick longer field goals and there’s higher chance to block kicks when on defense.

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