FIFA 18’s Squad Battles introduces competitive single-player mode into FUT

EA revealed today Squad Battles, a brand new single player mode for FIFA 18’s Ultimate Team that offers an alternative to FUT Champions.

Squad Battles offers players who may not want to compete directly against other humans a competitive single-player mode that will allow you to challenge pre-determined squads against FIFA 18’s vastly-improved AI.

Every week, you’ll be able to jump into Squad Battles and play new opponents. The catch is that these squads will have been created by real life players or influencers in the community.

“Online is not always for everybody, and then also it can be really intimidating to get into. This is a competitive way to play single-player,” EA explained. “It’s going to have the best rewards in FUT for playing single-player.”

Similar to FUT Champions, each win will net you a certain amount of points that will rank you in a rewards tier. The amount of points you receive per win will be determined by the difficulty you choose and the skill and chemistry level of the opposing squad.

Squad Battles isn’t designed to replace FUT Champions, but instead offer a competitive outlet for those who prefer single-player, but still want to participate in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team without the rigors or stress of The Weekend League.

Official Squad Battles Description:

“Compete and earn rewards in the all-new single player Squad Battles. Take on other squads from the FUT community, to earn rewards and move up the leaderboards. In the Featured Squad Battle, you can also challenge the squads of football players, pro FIFA players and celebrities to test your skills and build your team.”

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