Star Wars Battlefront II’s Story Trailer Looks Like It Could Be Its Own Movie

Star Wars Battlefront II Story

EA’s Star Wars Battlefront II is primarily a multiplayer game, but this year — thanks to player demand — it will have a single player story mode. In fact, the lack of a single player story in 2015’s Battlefront was widely criticized.

Having listened to player feedback, Battlefront II will have a story, and as we’ve learned over the past few weeks, players will take on the role of Iden Versio, a member of the Imperial Squad who happens to be on Endor when the second Death Star is destroyed by Rebels.

Battlefront II’s story will somewhat bridge the gap between Revenge of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, as Versio — a part of the Empire’s remaining force — attempts to enact revenge upon the Rebels despite the Emperor’s death.

Told to “ignite the inferno”, you’ll go from planet to planet, fighting rebel forces, from the palaces of Naboo to Maz’s castle, which featured prominently in The Force Awakens. As seen in the trailer, you’ll also meet Luke Skywalker.

Overall, I have to say I’m impressed with what I’ve seen of the story. In fact, it looks like it would make quite the entertaining movie. It’s a pretty pleasant surprise because I don’t think anyone was expecting this amount of effort on a single-player story won’t generate endless amounts of cash (Hello Loot Boxes!)

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