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NHL 18 beta now open to all on Xbox One, PS4

NHL 18 screenshot

The NHL 18 beta has been opened up to all Xbox One and PS4 owners, regardless of whether or not you have pre-ordered the game.

The beta will be live until August 8th and will feature three playable modes: EA Sports Hockey League, NHL Threes, and Online Versus.

NHL 18’s EA Sports Hockey League (EASHL) brings authentic┬áNHL 3-on-3 overtime to the franchise. In this mode you can play 3-on-3 full matches, opening up more ice for you to get creative and pull off big plays.

NHL Threes, meanwhile, is a new 3-on-3 hockey experience with “bigger hits, faster action, bigger plays, beautiful dangles and more goals.” This mode is inspired by “fun, pick-up-and-play arcade sports games.” There’s no offsides, no icing, and every penalty rewards you with a penalty shot. There will be a Threes Campaign in NHL 18, but the beta only gives us a taste of online or offline, co-op or compettive.

And lastly, Online Versus is exactly what it sounds like. The authentic NHL 18 experience complete with all the brand new features like Creative Attack controls, Defensive Skill Stick, Creative Teammate A.I., and more.

NHL 18 will officially launch worldwide on September 15th.


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