New novel ‘Battlefront II: Inferno Squad’ is a prequel to Battlefront II’s campaign

Battlefront II Inferno Squad novel

As you’re probably well aware by now, Star Wars Battlefront II will have a much-clamored for single-player campaign. The campaign tells an entirely original story centered on the Inferno Squad, the Empire’s extraordinary special operations team sent to complete missions that no one else can.

If you’ve seen the trailer, then you already know that the campaign presumably sets off just as the second Death Star is destroyed by the Rebels (the end of Return of the Jedi). This cataclysm propels the Inferno Squad into a journey across the galaxy on a quest to restore order and burn the Rebellion to the ground. In the campaign you play as Iden, a young and brave Imperial officer raised under the tutelage of her father, and a natural leader for Inferno Squad.

Unfortunately, not much else is known about Inferno Squad, or Iden, but that is about to change thanks to a newly announced novel that will arrive on store shelves later this month.

Disney and Lucasfilm just revealed Battlefront II: Inferno Squad, a new novel from Christie Golden. It’s a prequel to the Battlefront II game, set immediately after the events of Rogue One and A New Hope. According to Lucasfilm:

“…the book follows the Empire’s response to the destruction of their vaunted battle station. Determined to thwart all threats, Inferno Squad, featuring some of the best Imperial soldiers, goes on a mission to infiltrate and eliminate the Partisans — the rebel faction once led by the legendary Saw Gerrera.”

Battlefront II: Inferno Squad arrives on July 25th, and is now available for pre-order. And excerpt from the novel can be found here.

Battlefront II Inferno Squad novel cover

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