Monday, June 24, 2019
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New Battlefield Game Coming in 2018


A new Battlefield game is releasing in 2018, Electronic Arts revealed today. No actual details were announced, only that a new iteration in the publisher’s long-standing first-person shooter franchise will be coming later this year – presumably in October.

Of course, if you recall, Anthem was originally supposed to release in 2018, but that’ll no longer be the case. EA confirmed its delay until 2019, making room for the new Battlefield. EA had reportedly determined it would be better to release Anthem, a new IP, during a “quieter quarter,” while filling its slot with the more well-known Battlefield franchise.

Battlefield 1 was the last released game in the series, debuting in 2016. The return to World War 1 was well-received. It’s unclear what period this new game will take place.

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