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Mass Effect: Annihilation Novel Will Address Andromeda’s Quarian Ark Mystery

Mass Effect Annihilation

With no single-player DLC planned for Mass Effect: Andromeda, it seems highly unlikely that we’ll ever solve the mystery of the missing Quarian ark, the Keelah Si’yah. That is, until you read Mass Effect: Annihilation, an upcoming novel from Hugo Award-winning author Catherynne M. Valente.

Announced today, Mass Effect: Annihilation is an official tie-in novel to Mass Effect: Andromeda. It chronicles the journey of the Keelah Si’yah as it carries 20,000 drell, elcor, batarian, and quarian colonists to Andromeda.

***Warning: Spoilers for Mass Effect Andromeda***

If you’ve played Andromeda, you’re probably quite familiar with Keelah Si’yah. The Quarian ark was referenced several times during the story, although you never actually locate it. The game’s finale reveals that the ark did make it to Andromeda in one piece – enough to broadcast a warning signal that no one should approach. Although it was believed this was a nod to a DLC expansion for the game; however, EA decided to no longer support Mass Effect: Andromeda, presumably due to lackluster response to the game.

So instead we have this brand new novel — Mass Effect: Annihilation — which details what went wrong aboard the Keelah Si’yah.

“A pathogen is discovered aboard the ark after many drell are found dead in their cryo pods. As the pathogen jumpsspecies, the ship’s systems begin to fail, making it clear this is no accident.”
If you’re interested in finding out what happened to the Quarians, Annihilation arrives in US, Canadian, and UK stores on June 26, 2018, and in Australia on August 28, 2018.

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