Madden NFL 18’s MUT adds ‘Team Tokens’

Madden 18 MUT

Madden NFL 18’s Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) is getting a new form of currency called “Team Tokens.”

As detailed in today’s lengthy MUT overview for Madden 18, EA has made some changes to packs based on player feedback.

“It was extremely important for us to find ways to add more value to every pack that gets pulled,” EA said. To do so, EA has removed coaches, uniforms, stadiums and playbooks from packs. “We plan to do our very best to keep most packs exclusively filled with players throughout the year.”

Players will still start MUT by selecting a starter pack, which provides all of those items from the team you choose.

However, in order to get those items that are no longer found in packs, you’ll need to buy them with a new currency called “Team Tokens.”

Team Tokens are obtained by trading in Silver and Gold players from the specific team. For example, to obtain a Green Bay Packers Team Token, you’ll need to trade in numerous Silver and Gold Packers players.

As for the specific numbers, it seems we’ll have to wait.

“We don’t have specific examples of how these sets are constructed, yet, because the truth is we are still honing in the exact numbers to make sure we have it right at launch.”

Team Tokens are just one of the many changes EA has made to Madden 18’s MUT. Check out the latest from Madden NFL 18, including player ratings, here.

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