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Madden NFL 18 Ultimate Team (MUT 18): Team of the Year (TOTY) Defense

MUT 18 TOTY Defense

With the NFL playoffs nearing an end and only four teams left, Electronic Arts has decided to celebrate some of the standout players in this year’s NFL season. The publisher announced today the Madden 18 Ultimate Team (MUT 18) Team of the Year for Defense.


The Team of the Year: DEF solos are split into two sequences. The first sequence is 11 challenges and rewards you with 10k coins and 1x Random Rookie Standout DEF NAT Player. The second sequence is also 11 challenges, but you’ll earn 21,750 coins and a random DEF NAT TOTY Player (94-96 OVR).


There are three TOTY sets currently available.

  • Defensive TOTY – Requires (12x) 83-87 DEF Rookie Standouts and (3x) 89+ DEF Rookie Standouts to complete. This set rewards you with (1x) 94-96 OVR DEF TOTY Player.
  • DEF Rookie Standout – Requires 2x Wildcard Gold Team Tokens and 1x Wildcard Silver Team Token to complete. Rewards you with 1x random Defensive Rookie Standout (83-93 OVR).
  • TOTY Trade In – Requires 1x TOTY Collectible and rewards you with 1x TOTY Player from Offense or Defense (94-96 OVR).

Here are your Madden 18 TOTY Defensive players:

CB: Casey Heyward 

CB: A.J. Bouye 

FS: Kevin Byard

SS: Landon Collins

ROLB: Lavonte David

MLB: Bobby Wagner

LOLB: Khalil Mack

RE: Joey Bosa

LE: Aaron Donald

DT: Ndamukong Suh

DT: Geno Atkins

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