Madden NFL 18 Title Update #3 Released, Full Patch Notes

Madden NFL 18

It has only been a few days since the release of Madden NFL 18’s second title update (the 30-day update), and already EA has pushed live another update.

The priority for the previous update was to address the lag many have experienced while playing games in Franchise mode, but according to EA, “the fix we implemented has not been sufficient in fixing the issue.”

So on Thursday, EA pushed live another title update (#3). This update removes that previous fix from the game.

“We will keep working diligently to get the lag issue addressed in an upcoming title update,” EA promised. “Issues like this have been, and will remain, our top priority.”

In addition, the update removes two gameplay-specific additions based on community feedback: dropped passes and the supporting user banners.

“The “Low Catch Rating” and “Catch in Traffic” user notification banners that were added had unintended issues leading to confusion for our players, so those have been removed, and will be revisited in an upcoming update when we can iron out all the issues our community uncovered”

Here are the full patch notes of everything included in Madden NFL 18’s Title Update #3:

  • Reverted attempted fix for lag in Franchise mode to in order to fix Franchise crashes
  • Fixed a crash some users were experiencing in Franchise when navigating menus very quickly
  • Reverted tuning change to “Nearby Player” catching penalty to reduce the number of dropped passes
  • Reverted “Low Catch Rating” and “Catch in Traffic” user notification banners
  • Addressed Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) Auction House filters resetting after making a bid on an item


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