How Madden NFL 18 is Fixing Speed Regression in Franchise Mode

Madden NFL 18 - John Ross

As YouTubers and community influencers continue to post footage of Madden NFL 18, we’re learning more and more intricate details about the upcoming game. Although EA has yet to post an official Connected Franchise blog yet, some of today’s videos have shed light on some of the fixes and improvements coming to the mode in Madden 18.

One of those topics covered in a video by MoonlightSwami is Player Regression. While player regression is a natural step in the career process for NFL players, Madden 17 sometimes took it to the extreme — especially with the Speed attribute.

As a quick refresher, in Madden 17 players would start the regression process after they turned 29 years old. Regardless of on the field performance, players would lose -2 stats every season until they retire. Speed, of course, was one of the attributes that would regress.

This process sometimes resulted in players with decent overall ratings, due to high ratings in things awareness and catching/coverage/etc., but extremely low speed. Although their overall would be comparable to other players, their speed would be much lower and they would be at a major disadvantage on the field.

Thankfully, Madden 18 is going to fix this, and here’s how.

EA is setting a regression cap for Speed.

If a player is rated above a 90 in speed, his regression will be capped at 90. For instance, a player like John Ross — the fastest in the game with 98 speed — will never drop lower than 90 speed due to age regression. Of course, he could drop due to other reasons, like injury, but never age.

Any player below 90 speed will not regress in speed due to age.

While the system probably still isn’t perfect, it’s nice to see EA addressing a problem and fixing it in Madden 18. I guess they actually do listen!


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