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Madden NFL 18 Connected Franchise Mode details coming this week

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Over the past two weeks, EA has slowly drip fed us information and details about Madden NFL 18. But one mode that’s been shrouded in secrecy so far has been Connected Franchise Mode. That’ll hopefully change this week, as Madden creative director Rex Dickson has said a blog about CFM will be out some time this week.

A tweet from Dickson on Friday in response to a fan asking about Connected Franchise Mode details reads:

Though undoubtedly a popular mode, CFM has been one of the last Madden 18 game modes to have been detailed by EA. Though to be fair, some of the fixes to Madden’s mechanics, as requested by the community, will ultimately affect gameplay in CFM.

Still, there’s no doubt a ton of Franchise-specific mechanics that could probably use some fixing, like scouting/drafting, player progression/regression, CPU trades and things of that nature. Hopefully the CFM details come sooner this week rather than later.

CFM details aren’t the only thing Madden fans are awaiting this week. We’ve still yet to see actual raw gameplay footage either, but that’s also expected to debut this week.

Last week the developers shared a slew of changes made to Ultimate Team, and have been slowly been revealing the top players in the game by position.


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