Madden 18 Ultimate Team content delayed due to Hurricane Irma

EA Madden 18 Ultimate Team

Hurricane Irma rolled into Florida this weekend, causing some catastrophic damage and knocking out power throughout much of the state. With Madden developer EA Tiburon located in Orlando, Florida, they were obviously impacted by the storm and as a result there may be some delays with content updates for Madden 18 Ultimate Team.

According to an update by EA:

“The team is starting to roll back into the office, but is still about half strength. The greater Orlando area was actually fairly impacted, with over 60% of locals losing power. It takes a lot of people to deliver MUT content in season when all of the programs are firing, so getting back to cadence as things get turned back on will take a while.”

Team of the Week

The team has started to work on it, but it won’t come before tomorrow, and that isn’t 100%. EA expects it to be out by Thursday morning at the latest unless they hit problems.

Mean Joe Green

EA is aware of the issues some players have had with not getting the free player and they are talking about how best to address it.

Weekend League rewards

Some players have still not gotten their W1 awards and EA has a fix they are testing. W2 awards are targeting a Thursday morning release.

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