Madden 18: MUT removes coaches, uniforms, stadiums and playbooks from packs

Madden 18 - Christian McCaffrey

EA today shared changes coming to Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) in Madden 18.

Among the many changes being made based on player feedback is an adjustment to the content of packs.

EA has removed coaches, uniforms, stadiums, and playbooks from packs. EA explained:

“It was extremely important for us to find ways to add more value to every pack that gets pulled. We accomplished that in a variety of ways, starting with the simplest and most noticeable change – coaches, uniforms, stadiums, and playbooks have been removed from packs. We plan to do our very best to keep most packs exclusively filled with players throughout the year.”

Players will still start MUT by selecting a starter pack, which will provide all those items from the team you chose. However, if you want more team items, you’ll need to buy them with “Team Tokens,” a new form of currency which you can read more about here.


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