Madden NFL 18 ‘Arcade’ gameplay style gets some details

Madden NFL 18 gameplay

While we all anxiously await Madden NFL 18 gameplay, EA Creative Director Rex Dickson has shared some tidbits of info about the upcoming game. When Madden 18 launches, it’ll come with three different gameplay styles: Arcade, Simulation, and Competitive. EA briefly touched upon these when announcing Madden 18, but now Rex Dickson has revealed some more details about what Arcade gameplay consists of.

It sounds like sort of a Blitz-inspired style, which could be fun for those looking to escape the more realistic settings and just have fun.

Hopefully we actually get to see a video of Arcade gameplay. With just about a month left until Madden NFL 18 launches, fans are understandably worried that we’ve yet to see any actual gameplay on the new Frostbite engine.

Dickson urges fans not to worry, and says gameplay videos and blog posts should arrive this week.

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