FIFA Mobile: FC Köln vs Hamburger SV Live Program Begins

FIFA Mobile: FC Köln vs Hamburger SV Live Program

FIFA Mobile is running a special live program that coincides with the Bundesliga game, FC Köln versus Hamburger SV on August 25th. The program begins today, August 24th, and runs until Monday, August 28th, and contains 10 Elite Player Items and 1 Master Player Item.

Starting today you will be able to earn “Köln v Hamburger” Elite Players and/or Tokens through opening packs via the in-game store and playing VS Attack. 25 Tokens can be exchanged in the “Köln v Hamburger Player” plan for a random Köln v Hamburger Elite Player, and this plan is repeatable.

To earn the Master Player Item, you must collect all 10 “Köln v Hamburger” Elite Players, which includes the special base Elite Hector. You can then exchange them all for a 97 OVR LB Master Hector. The special base Elite Hector will be available to all players by playing a Match Day event on August 25th. At the end of the Match Day event, everybody who completed the event will receive one FREE 90 OVR Hector.

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