FIFA 18 Hidden Gems: Players with Highest Growth Rating in Career Mode

FIFA 18 High Growth Rating

EA has released a comprehensive list of FIFA 18’s top hidden gems in Career Mode. The list is comprised of young, talented players with high growth potential that can be bargained for at a low cost and trained over time to maximize their overall rating increase. Players with high growth rating will have the potential to dramatically increase in rating and can then be sold later on when they are rated much higher or become superstars on your team.

It’s worth noting that even though a player may have a high Growth rating, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll become a superstar. It only means that he will dramatically increase in overall rating from where he begins.

For example, Doncaster Rovers’ Danny Amos is considered the top Hidden Gem in FIFA 18 with 26 Growth. However, he starts off as just a 48 Overall player, meaning his potential is only 74. Tottenham Hotspur’s Marcus Edwards, meanwhile, only has a Growth rating of 22; however, because he starts off at 65 overall, his potential is actually a much more impressive 87. Luckily, there’s a separate list included of players with the highest potential.

Check out the full list of Hidden Gems with the Highest Growth Rating in FIFA 18.

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