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Fastest players in Madden NFL 18

Madden NFL 18 - John Ross

If there’s one attribute that gets Madden players most excited, it’s the speed rating. Speed kills in these games, and that’s especially true in Madden NFL 18 where EA has finally solved the long-standing legacy issue where ball carriers on breakaway runs could be caught from behind by defenders with lower speed.

I don’t know about you, but in my Connected Franchise with friends, we always fight over the fastest guys in the draft and free agency. And with the new speed change, the competition for fastest player will be fiercer than ever.

In Madden NFL 18 there are 32 players rated 94 and above in Speed. Bengals’ rookie WR John Ross is the highest with 98 Speed rating, followed by Chiefs’ WR Tyreek Hill at 97 Speed rating.

Here’s the full list of every Madden 18 player with 94 or higher speed rating:

Team Last Name First Name Pos Speed
Bengals Ross John WR 98
Chiefs Hill Tyreek WR 97
Cardinals Nelson J.J. WR 96
Colts Dorsett Phillip WR 96
Dolphins Grant Jakeem WR 96
Jaguars Myrick Jalen CB 96
Jaguars Grant Corey HB 96
Panthers Byrd Damiere WR 96
Patriots Cooks Brandin WR 96
49ers Goodwin Marquise WR 95
Cowboys Brown Anthony CB 95
Panthers Samuel Curtis WR 95
Patriots Jones Jonathan CB 95
Rams Austin Tavon WR 95
Ravens Perriman Breshad WR 95
Texans Fuller V Will WR 95
Bears Callahan Bryce CB 94
Broncos Raymond Kalif WR 94
Bucs Jackson DeSean WR 94
Cardinals Brown John WR 94
Colts Hilton T.Y. WR 94
Falcons Jones Julio WR 94
Falcons Coleman Tevin HB 94
Giants Beckham Jr Odell WR 94
Jaguars Wynn Shane WR 94
Jets Anderson Robby WR 94
Lions Slay Jr Darius CB 94
Redskins Moreau Fabian CB 94
Redskins Marshall Keith HB 94
Saints Lattimore Marshon CB 94
Seahawks Richardson Paul WR 94
Vikings Waynes Trae CB 94

It’s worth mentioning that these ratings could change by the time the NFL season kicks off, as EA tends to do weekly roster updates that could adjust player ratings depending on their real life performance.

For now though, let us know what you think of these ratings.

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