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Anthem for Xbox One, PS4, PC

Anthem Game Description

Anthem is a shared-world action-RPG in which you and your friends — called Freelancers — venture into a vast world teeming with amazing technology and forgotten treasures. Explore a landscape of primeval beauty, and confront the dangers you find.

Anthem supports up to four players. Shared danger means shared glory, and successful Freelancers will be richly rewarded for victories.

Whether plunder, revenge, or glory lures you onward, your choices will irrevocably change you—and the world around you.

Players can wield an arsenal of Javelin exosuits, each equipped with unique weapons and abilities. Players can customize these exosuits with gear earned through exploration and crafting, then use them to fly, leap, and climb through the open world.

While exploring, players will experience massive, world-altering occurrences like Shaper Storms; encounter savage beasts and ruthless marauders; and defeat the forces planning to conquer humanity.

Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, PC
Release Date: Q3 2018
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: BioWare