New Season of FIFA Mobile Begins in November

EA has announced that a brand new season of FIFA Mobile will launch in November. With it comes “exciting, fresh features and modes,” including the brand new “Campaign” single player experience.

First and foremost, the launch of a new season means your team and players, coin balance and token inventory, VS Attack, Achievements, Plans and all other progression will be reset. However,  an exclusive version your Now & Later Masters will carry over.

As for things carrying over, all of your FIFA Points will transition to the new season. As will your League and all the members in it.

Additionally, when the new season is launched you will receive a reward based on your final Team Overall from Pre-Season. Every additional point to your OVR will give you bigger rewards in the new season.

During Pre-Season, you’ll have the opportunity to carry forward an exclusive version of Blue Star Hazard, VS Attack Masters or Top Transfer Neymar by upgrading them. In addition, there are 22 new Player Items, allowing you to build an entire line-up of Pre-Season Masters.

During Pre-Season, all players can be used in Plans. You should make sure that you use up your current players and tokens during this season of FIFA Mobile. Also, don’t forget to use your Tokens and Players in Pre-Season before the new season begins. You should make sure that you use your Tokens in the ‘100 Token Exchange’ Plan or quick sell them.

During Pre-Season, if you complete any Pre-Season Master Plan that has the ‘Now & Later’ symbol on it, you’ll receive a special Token that can be redeemed for rewards in the new season of FIFA Mobile giving you a head start on the competition.

And lastly, the Treasure Hunt is a Pre-Season Plan where you are able to complete Plans by getting Treasure Tokens from the live events or packs. If you complete all 5 Plans you’ll be able to receive a Reward that can be used in the new season of FIFA Mobile. You’ll earn pieces of the Treasure Hunt by engaging in Events and Packs during the Pre-Season program.

That’s all for now, but be sure to keep it tuned here for when the new season of FIFA Mobile launches

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