Fans Are Pissed About Cowboys WR Ryan Switzer’s Madden 18 Rating

In 2015, Donny Moore, the most hated man on the Madden dev team, retired from his role as Rating Czar. It sure seems like the folks over at EA Tiburon could use his input again. While player ratings in the Madden games are often subjective, there’s at least one player in Madden 18 that just about everyone agrees is a tad bit overrated – Dallas Cowboys rookie wide receiver Ryan Switzer.

With Madden 18 releasing on Xbox One via EA Access, it was confirmed that Switzer, a 4th round pick, is not only rated 74 Overall, but is also a “Quick” developer. For a 144th overall pick, that seems a bit overrated, and I’m a Cowboys fan admitting this.

To put Switzer’s rating into perspective, he’s actually rated higher than 3 first-round picks: Cardinals ILB Haason Reddick, Redskins DT Jonathan Allen, and Dolphins OLB Charles Harris. He’s on par with two other first-round players, and barely lower than a majority of the rest.

Switzer’s “Quick” development attribute is another sticking point with players, with one quick to point out that Marshawn Lattimore — the 11th overall pick in the draft — is rated just a 76 and “normal” development.

On top of his rating and development status, Switzer boasts all of the following traits:

  • covers ball on all hits
  • fights for extra yards
  • makes sideline catches
  • high motor
  • aggressive catch
  • possession catch
  • rac catch

Remember, this guy was the 144th pick in the draft. Either the Cowboys got an absolute steal or someone on the Madden ratings team is a hardcore Cowboys fan. Judging by the fact that all four of the Cowboys first picks are rated 74+, and that they have the most 90+ rated players, and that 3 of the total 8 Superstar Development offensive linemen are on the Cowboys o-line (okay, that last one might be warranted), it’s easy to see why some would suspect bias. Oh, and for some icing on the cake, the Cowboys are the 3rd best-rated team (89 OVR) in the game, behind just the Atlanta Falcons (91 OVR) and New England Patriots (93 OVR).

So what do you think, are the Madden 18 devs showing bias towards Ryan Switzer and the Dallas Cowboys, or is his 74-overall, quick development rating justified?

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